Glenis Caley Accordion
Glenis was born in Norwich and started to learn the accordion at the age of 11 after pestering her parents to buy her one. She played with the Norwich Accordion Club until 1984 when she married John and defected to live in Ipswich. After taking a break from playing, Glenis took up the accordion again in 1997 and joined Jenny’s Accordionists, an accordion orchestra based in Colchester, in which she still plays. Mellow Bellows began after a request was received for an accordionist to perform at a New Year’s Eve party.

Dawn Loombe Accordion
Dawn began accordion lessons in Norwich, when her school friend Glenis (now Glenis Caley) took up the instrument, can it really be 35 years ago?! Dawn first played bass accordion in the Norwich Accordion Club Band and then ‘got the bug’ for playing solo accordion and duets with Glenis. After moving to Cambridge in 1988, she met with other musicians there and enjoyed playing for community social events. The accordion has always been close to her heart (quite literally!) and more than just a hobby. In 2003, she had a complete career change and studied for her Music Therapy MA at the Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge (with the piano accordion as her main instrument). Dawn now works as a music therapist with both children and adults in a variety of settings. Dawn plays with Cambridge-based groups Redhouse Radio and the Cambridge Cafe Band and also Norfolk-based band Hoofbeat

Judy Smith Accordion
Although she had piano lessons as a child, Judy managed to avoid taking exams – a bad move, and one she has regretted since returning to playing later in life, (moral: children – do your grades!). Having discovered the accordion about the year 2000 she thought the transfer from piano to accordion would be easy. Wrong! While the familiarity of the treble keyboard was helpful, she seriously under-estimated the ‘challenge’ of taming the bellows and bass buttons. However, the pleasure of having found an acoustic ‘orchestra in a box’ and people to play music with has made the struggle worthwhile. Being geographically challenged, Judy joined the Cambridge Accordion Club, where she met Dawn Having already been fortunate enough to meet Glenis on the small Ipswich accordion scene, she then discovered that Glenis and Dawn were friends of long-standing. The jigsaw that is now Mellow Bellows then started to come together.

Celeste Goschen Flute
Born in Suffolk, Celeste developed her first serious crush on a flute at the age of twelve. She studied music at the Colchester School of Music, under the tutelage of Duke Dobing, and founded her first music group, ‘The Marcel Duo’. At eighteen, she moved to the bright lights of London, working as a clothes horse for the likes of Vivienne Westwood while composing music for commercials, mainly for TV. Numerous jobs followed, mainly in the Arts, until Celeste returned to Suffolk twelve years ago and re-kindled her romance with the flute. Since then, she has performed with various local musical groups, but has to admit she loves playing with the accordion due to its versatility of sound, as well as its diverse repertoire.

John Caley Percussion
Having lived on the periphery of the accordion world for 25 years, it became a case of ‘if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em’ for John. He now knows his place in the band as well as at home! John attends the Back 2 The Beat Drum Academy in Colchester where as well as gradually improving his playing by learning rudiments and different styles of drumming, he has (unlike Judy), started working his way through the grades. He also plays percussion in Jenny’s Accordionists.