Based in Ipswich, Suffolk, the group of accordionists that is now Mellow Bellows has been playing together since 2006. Along the way the original two accordions have been joined by a third accordion, a flute and percussion. Members of the group perform in various combinations of two, three, four or five musicians, depending on the type of event, the availability of members, the direction of the wind and other imponderables.

We are proud to be wholly acoustic, depending entirely on bellows, lungs and elbows to create our sound. Even the little lights on our music stands run on batteries. Having said that, we are not averse to being miked and amped up if the occasion requires it.

We enjoy playing a wide variety of music – including popular standards, swing arrangements, Latin American dance music (from tango to samba and bossa nova) klezmer, light classical, traditional British and world music. Our search for new tunes never ceases, and we relish the challenge of putting together a programme to suit a particular event.

For the last few years we have played in Ipswich Music Day (part of the annual Ip-Art Festival) and World Music Day at the County Library, another annual event. In 2009 and 2012 we gave lunchtime recitals organised by the Ipswich Arts Association and in 2013 we took part in the Mayor's Concert, a large fund-raising event also organised by IAA www.ipswich-arts.org.uk  In 2009 four of us played at a shamanic wedding celebration, and as a three-piece we play regularly at a village Burns night supper. May 2010 was a memorable milestone when we provided the entertainment at a pub-based beer festival  www.dovestreetinn.co.uk. Christmas is generally a busy time, and throughout the year we can be found playing for local clubs and groups, private parties and themed (often French) events. We have also been invited by local choirs to take part as a guest act in their concerts.

In short, if it needs an accordion (or more), we can be there!